This document governs the conditions of access to the training platform and all the pages that comprise it, including their profiles on social networks. The access conditions can be modified at any time by the owner, the last date of modification of conditions being 05/25/2018.

Through this legal notice we comply with our duty of information according to Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).



This website is owned by Team Platino SLU, with NIF B87987095, with address at C/ Peña Hoyuela 5, 28413, Madrid.

In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you can send it to us through info at


Table of Contents

  • 1. Navigation and use on the web and public areas
  • 2. Navigation and use on the web and private areas
  • 2.1. Conditions of Access and use
  • 2.1.2. responsibilities
  • 2.1.3. Quality in our products
  • 2.1.4. User Conduct Policy
  • 2.1.5. Payment Methods
  • 2.1.5.a Right of Return
  • types of payments
  • discounts
  • 2.2. Links to third party sites
  • 23. Consultancy
  • 2.4. Own product liability
  • 2.5. Responsibility for dealings, business and information provided to third parties.
  • 2.6. collaboration sections
  • 2.7. Social networks and off-platform programs
  • 2.8. Affiliates and promotions
  • 3. Intellectual Property
  • 4. Return and/or refund
  • 5. Legislation
  • 6. Breach of terms


1. Navigation and use on the web and public areas

Browsing and use of the Web Page in its essential contents is completely free. Within the platform there is both free and paid content. In the event that the user is interested in accessing the paid products, this requires the payment of a payment and the registration of the user on the page.

Likewise, the products contained on the website through its paging or hosted content, incorporate the price and characteristics of the same, in order that they can be viewed, and in case of interest, request and contract electronically through the means available for that purpose.

BrutalPlugins incorporates in a section called "Contact" in which you can make any comments, queries or suggestions about the products and / or services offered by it.


2. Browsing and use on the web and private areas

2.1. Conditions of Access and use

2.1.1. Brutal Plugins Pricing

BrutalPlugins prices include taxes in force in Spain. The prices are divided according to the product and its conditions, most of them being single payments for access to a license with an annual duration. An active license allows you to use any of our products, mainly plugins, for the duration of the license.

BrutalPlugins is a company based in Spain and therefore will apply the taxes of the Spanish territory by default to all users. If you are a professional based in another country, you must show us the requirements demanded by the Spanish State for the purpose of changing taxes. Any request that does not meet the requirements of Spanish regulations and the work criteria of the Tax Agency will be rejected by our team and therefore the VAT system will apply.


2.1.5.a Right of Return

The provisions of article 103 a) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, apply in this section. ; "a) The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has begun, with the prior express consent of the consumer and user and with the recognition on their part that they are aware that, once the contract has been fully executed by the employer, he will have lost his right of withdrawal.

Basically, the moment the first login to the platform occurs, the user loses their right of withdrawal.

The user can request as much information as he wishes before registering on the platform through the contact area, but in no case will we make refunds of the monthly amounts, registration fees or annual payments.


2.1.2. Responsibilities

BrutalPlugins' goal is access to private plugins, but it does not include an individual monitoring or mentoring process. BrutalPlugins is not a teaching course, but a plugin development platform.

BrutalPlugins does not issue training certificates. BrutalPlugins does not offer a specific syllabus, or teaching certificates of achievement or approvals. Due to all of the above, BrutalPlugins cannot be considered as a teaching center.

BrutalPlugins is not responsible for the techniques, uses and consequences of the materials contributed to the platform. All content and tools are experimental and training is normally supported on third-party platforms over which we have no present or future control.

The owner of the website is not responsible for the misuse, the continuity of the contents and its veracity, damages or losses of applying the techniques and teachings of the professors or associates, nor is it responsible for the opinions or contributions of other clients. . Nor is it responsible for the tools listed on the platform or offered by clients. Nor are we responsible for the fact that the website or some of its programs do not work or do not meet the expectations of the users. BrutalPlugins is a plugin development platform. The tools that are offered are experimental and therefore neither results nor the absence of viruses or errors are guaranteed. User suggestions are taken into account and security is ensured, but in no case is it guaranteed.

Some features such as videos, documents or texts may require some equipment and user specifications and not all operating systems and equipment may work correctly. BrutalPlugins is running smoothly on less than three years old mid-range computers running Windows and up-to-date Adobe Flash.


2.1.3. Quality in the product offered

We are committed to offering innovative and tested products, but we are not responsible for their veracity or for changes in practices in the sector or third-party companies. BrutalPlugins performs constant updates of its products and betatesting actions to constantly improve quality.


2.1.4. User Conduct Policy

Failure to comply with the following rules will result in expulsion from the platform without the right to return the money contributed and without prejudice to legal actions that correspond to the owner of the website.

Specifically, the user agrees to:

  1. Do not make illegal or immoral uses with the products/plugins offered.
  2. Keep confidentiality and not distribute content or opinions of users and professionals outside the platform.
  3. Do not attack or manipulate the web in any of its forms.
  4. Insult or violate morality or the rights of the creators, clients and staff of BrutalPlugins as trainers, clients, collaborators or technicians. We will be especially combative with any xenophobic or discriminatory comment with an immediate expulsion. We also take seriously scams, misuse, pyramid schemes and any content that may appear to be fraudulent or contrary to good industry practices.
  5. The opinions expressed within the platform cannot leave there or be quoted, referenced or communicated outside the platform and the established channels.
  6. multiaccount


2.1.5. Payment Methods

A license means payment for one of our products. Types of payments

The client can choose to pay for one or several licenses, in different models or products, with these functional licenses for one year and/or renewable by annual or monthly subscription, depending on the product purchased and its sales conditions. As long as a license remains active it can be used, updated and supported, but this is not the case when the license becomes inactive after one year. Discounts

On certain dates of the year, the management can use the home page of the website or the newsletters to specifically announce offers to new or old users and without the right to compensation or consideration for the rest of the already registered users.


2.2. Links to Third Party Sites

BrutalPlugins may link to information or content from third-party websites. It is the client's responsibility to observe the conditions of use of the supplying companies and the licenses of the products or services they offer. BrutalPlugins seeks to give customers the greatest number of information and resources available but is not responsible for the content on third-party sites, nor for the links included in the platform and the use that customers make of them. In case of doubt, contact the suppliers or owners of the product or service directly.


23. Consultancy

If it occurs, the consultancy is provided outside the platform and each client must agree on the conditions with the professionals involved. In no case are we responsible for private advisory services and consultancies and their results.


2.4. Responsibility for own products

While the Website Owner endeavors to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate, the Website Owner does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the materials on the Website. All products or tools are experimental and in the case of affiliates or recommendations we do not assume responsibility for contracts. You can go directly to the service or product provider and show your concerns before contracting any service.

BrutalPlugins does not offer any type of guarantee in the face of possible server crashes and damage received. BrutalPlugins may unilaterally interrupt, suspend or terminate access to the contents of the Website, regardless of the provisions of these conditions. The owner of the website will take the pertinent measures, to the extent possible, to notify users of said circumstances -suspension, interruption or termination of access to the contents.


2.5. Responsibility for dealings, business and information provided to third parties

Opinions, reviews, comments, articles and any other information provided on the website are opinions or own business of clients and teachers without any legal relationship with BrutalPlugins.

The business that is done within the sections or outside of it will not be in any case the responsibility of the owner of the website. BrutalPlugins assumes no responsibility for both positive deals and those with negative results.

In professional dealings, the user will behave as a professional and not as a consumer: acting, researching and advising by their own means without BrutalPlugins assuming any responsibility for facilitating contacts, opinions or evaluations.


2.6. Collaboration sections

BrutalPlugins has or may have forums, web exchange sections, user network, blog network, private comments, ratings, laboratory sections, prizes, contests, teacher network, etc.

Users understand that BrutalPlugins is not responsible for business between users and that they must take the due diligence of any professional so that business has good results.

BrutalPlugins will ensure that fraud and scams are avoided and will seek solutions when they occur, but at no time is it responsible for the actions and commercial offers of clients or participants.


2.7. Social networks and off-platform programs

BrutalPlugins can be equipped with tools from third-party sites such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and in general any tool that facilitates the dissemination of information and networking. However, all these initiatives will necessarily be outside the scope of BrutalPlugins without assuming responsibility of any kind. Although as promoters, it will be ensured that only the users of the course participate and following the guidelines and values ​​of BrutalPlugins.


2.8. Affiliates and promotions

BrutalPlugins reserves the right to offer general data on user behavior for the purpose of negotiating discounts, promotions or coupons with third-party platforms so that customers can benefit from better prices than they could obtain individually. In no case is it responsible for the quality of the service offered by third parties.


3. Intellectual Property

The Website houses content and products subject to intellectual and industrial property rights. The abusive use of those outside the authorized limits and responsible use can lead to sanctions, civil and business liabilities, as well as the definitive expulsion from the platform.

BrutalPlugins is the indissoluble whole with joint value and parts made up of texts, graphics, drawings, designs, photographs, software, codes, videos, music, databases, images, information as well as any other creation protected by national laws and treaties international rights on intellectual and industrial property that we make accessible in the public area and in the customer access area and whose ownership must be respected by all under penalty of suspension of the account and the resulting legal responsibilities.

All developments, plugins, opinions, videos or ideas will belong to BrutalPlugins, with the only condition being to cite the author and the source in the case of using it outside of private access to the platform.

Likewise, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, manipulate, exploit, reproduce, communicate publicly, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, code, documents or any multimedia support, as well as send by mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way. forms all or part of the contents included in this web page for public or commercial purposes without the express written authorization of BrutalPlugins.

BrutalPlugins reserves the right to use the domain or name in the commercial field in which its owner carries out its activities and related fields. In the same way, BrutalPlugins reserves the right to prevent the use of domains derived from them that due to their similarity may lead to error or confusion about the signs, names or business origin of the services.


4. Return and/or refund

In the event that a user has purchased any of our products and has not been satisfied within 7 days of payment and access to the product , a fact that the user must reliably prove, they may claim a refund of the payment . BrutalPlugins also reserves the right of admission in any case, being able to decide to deactivate a client's account if their behavior is inappropriate or recurrent, if they make accusations towards our company, its contents or those responsible, or if it poses a threat.


5. Legislation

BrutalPlugins is subject to Spanish legislation, making special reference to Digital Laws and consumer regulations, as well as its development regulations.


6. Breach of Terms

Without prejudice to the rights under the terms and conditions of this legal notice, in case of breach of the terms and conditions of this legal notice in any way, the owner of the site and any other person acting on his behalf, may adopt Take any action they deem appropriate to address the violation, including suspending your access to the Website, terminating your payment plan or active licenses, prohibiting access to the Website, blocking computers using your address IP access to the Website, contact your Internet service provider to request that they block your access to the Website and / or take legal action against you.

The user who violates the policies mentioned above waives his right to receive compensation for the payment made when purchasing a product, making it clear here that in the event of any claim he will not be entitled to compensation for having voluntarily violated the policy and conditions of use. In any case, the legal representatives of BrutalPlugins will make the pertinent complaints before the competent bodies without the case. All these types of malicious practices will be sanctioned with an indefinite ban from our platform and products.

If you have any questions, you can contact our contact section ( or info at