WP Auto Comment AI allows you to create dozens, hundreds, or thousands of personalized comments on your articles using the OpenAI API in an easy, affordable, and simple way.
To function correctly, WP Auto Comment AI performs the following actions:

  1. Collects the title and headers of the article to guide the comment.
  2. Makes a request to OpenAI to generate a comment on the topic.
  3. Autopublishes the comment, even creating responses and opening discussions.

In this way, you will encourage real users to engage in responding or discussing the topic of the post, generating new content and related keywords.

Main features

Intuitive Campaigns
Choose the posts you want comments on by filtering by ID, category, or select all articles. Select language, dates, and in less than 1 minute you will have created your first campaign.
Multiple languages
WP Auto Comment AI allows you to create AI-generated comments on your articles in different languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. It also includes a vast database of names and surnames for each language.
Randomness and auto-replies
Our plugin will generate comments of all types, in random quantities that you can define. It can also respond to comments generated by AI, either as the post's author or as an outsider reader.
Our diabolical "Troll mode"
Do you want to generate real controversy and spice up your articles? Activate the troll mode to generate controversial comments that are likely to spark debates, discussions, and controversial topics. A magnet to make your articles go viral and generate more activity.
Totally free!

Try it now, WP Auto Comment AI is totally free!!


WP Auto Comment AI is a free Wordpress plugin for mass comment generation with AI, specifically through the OpenAI API (GPT models). With this plugin, you can generate comments tailored to the topic of your website articles, encouraging and enticing new readers to comment, respond, or interact with your posts.

Required: You will need an OpenAI account to generate the articles with AI (very cheap).

Plugin requirements: WP Cron enabled in your hosting.

Hostings in which it does not work: Hostinger, Sered.

We use GPT3.5turbo, the most affordable and fastest model from OpenAI. The price for using this model is $0.001 per 1,000 tokens. You will be able to see the total campaign expenditure from the plugin's campaigns.

If your campaign does not start, it is possible that WP Cron is not working. With this tutorial you will understand perfectly how to add crons in your Cpanel: Tutorial: How to configure crons in your hosting

You will see the exact crons that you must add in the "settings" section of the plugin.

We made a request via GPT3.5turbo using the article's headline and some of its headers as context. From there, the generated comment can be controversial, grateful, a question, a dissertation, or, if you have activated the "Troll" mode, a comment in a very contentious tone or with the intention of generating a discussion.

For some time now, Google has indirectly confirmed that it will not pursue the fact that content has been generated by AI, focusing instead on ensuring that the content truly helps solve the user's search intent. Therefore, we can infer that there is no risk in generating comments with artificial intelligence, as long as they provide context or support the relevant article.