Create articles automatically thanks to artificial intelligence GPT.

Thanks to the use of OpenAI and its GPT3.5/4 models we can create automatic websites generated with artificial intelligence. With our WP Brutal AI plugin you will achieve a higher quality than the traditional methods used in automatic websites, such as spintax or translation.

How does this plugin work?

1. Get keywords for the titles
The only thing we will need is the list of titles you want for your articles. WP Brutal AI will automate everything else.
2. Add your OpenAI API
With OpenAI we will generate quality content with GPT3.5/4, a process that we will combine with ValueSerp and Google scraping to obtain headlines and detect search intentions. The results will surprise you: long articles, well themed and with content in HTML format.
3. Set up your 1st campaign
In 2 minutes you will have your 1st artificial intelligence campaign configured. Our management panel is simple and intuitive.
4. Professionalize your results
With the Premium version of WP Brutal AI you will be able to configure your campaigns to the maximum, with personalized prompts, programming, insertion of videos and images, content autocategorization, header rewriting and much more.

Features of WP Brutal AI

Custom prompts
With the Premium version of the plugin you will be able to customize the prompts with which the architecture and content of each article is generated: introduction, post content and conclusion. Some personalized and quality prompts make the difference.
Multi language
WP Brutal AI will help you create websites with AI in different languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. If you want to create sites in another language, write to us and we will value adding more languages that OpenAI knows correctly ;)
Images Generation
WP Brutal AI also adds related images to posts by using 3 different APIs that are free. You can select the position of the images within the article and mark them as featured.
Embedded videos
The best solution for your articles to correctly respond to the search intent is to add YouTube videos that provide information on the topic of the article. WP Brutal AI incorporates this feature in the Premium version.
HTML Content and Shortcodes
Thanks to the use of advanced prompts, the content generated with WP Brutal AI will have HTML format: headings, lists, bold, paragraphs, etc, and you can also use shortcodes and HTML within the content.
Super fast
Set up your campaign, select the delivery process and forget about it. The plugin works automatically 24 hours a day, and you only have to go through the campaign to see how it is progressing.
Rewriting headers
WP Brutal AI uses Google's "People Also Ask" to understand the search intent of an article, and can also use AI to rewrite these titles in an original way.
We currently work with GPT-3.5 y GPT4, both are the most advanced and highest quality models. As superior models appear, we will implement them.
We have a freemium version and a paid version

Advantages of the Premium version

Free version
  • Up to 5 campaigns
  • 20 articles per campaign
  • Basic prompts and flat content
  • Scraping titles with Google

    ❌ Limited campaigns (maximum 100 posts).

    ❌ No prompt customization, content without HTML, or shortcodes.

    ❌ Without programming, re-writing and massive self-categorization.

    ❌ Without embed Youtube videos


    With limitations of use but... at no cost!

3 licenses
/6 months

    Each license at 53 € approx.

5 licenses
/6 months

    Each license at 44 € approx.


They tried it and we asked them for their opinion

Daniel Peris
The best WordPress plugin to generate texts with AI. NaNAI
Marc Cruells
You configure the APIs, scrape some titles and that's it. They have turned a process that had a bit of a steep learning curve into something super simple.
David VayaSEO
David VayaSEO
Niche Expert
An intuitive plugin that makes it very easy for you to use OpenAI directly in Wordpress, avoiding having to use scripts and other plugins.
Aitor Wilzig
Aitor Wilzig
Clean and friendly interface. Easy to use to generate thousands of articles using just 5 minutes of your time (or even less). Wonderful for what it costs.
Marck Spin
Marck Spin
Local SEO
If you want to set up automatic websites with artificial intelligence in Wordpress and you don't want to complicate your life with scripts, python and so on, this plugin they have created is perfect for you.
Guillermo del Pino
Guillermo del Pino
A plugin that allows you to make websites with AI with little effort if we compare it to the use of scripts, later import, etc. I recommend it without a doubt for the time it saves you for the price you pay.
Niche Expert
Easy to use and very effective for creating informational and evergreen niches with AI. You will achieve the same results as with the script in TeamPlatino but without complicating your life so much.
Fran Murillo
Fran Murillo
An ideal plugin if your goal is to generate massive content with the OpenAI API (GPT3.5 & GPT4) and monetize with Google Adsense or other ways, since the shortcode system can give a lot of play for other forms of monetization such as affiliation.


This plugin is used to create complete articles with artificial intelligence GPT3.5 & GPT4 (via OpenAI). To do this, the plugin also scrapes search intentions on Google thanks to the "People Also Ask" and "Related searches" snippets. WP Brutal AI also includes images, videos, and even HTML formatting in articles if you use the proper settings.

Required: You will need an OpenAI account to generate the articles with AI (very cheap cost and with a new registration they give you free credits).

Highly recommended: The free extension SEO minion with which you can get titles to use to create your themed site. You can also use paid tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to generate listings for long-tail keywords that serve as article titles.

Optional: You will need to create an account with PixabayPexels or Unsplash in order to use their (free) APIs to add images to generated posts, although you can also install the free Magic Post Thumbnail plugin. In the Premium version you can also use ValueSerp to make requests to Google reliably and faster if there is some type of IP ban.

Plugin requirements: PHP version: 7.x or higher, ionCube PHP Extension and WP Cron enabled.

Hostings in which it does not work: Hostinger, Sered.

In one domain at a time. If you want to use the plugin simultaneously on multiple sites, you can purchase multiple licenses. From your BrutalPlugins account you will be able to manage your licenses and you will be able to activate it in a new domain as long as at least 5 days have passed since the last change. In other words, with a single license and during the 6 months that it lasts, you will be able to create a lot of sites with AI since every 5 days you will be able to change your license to another new domain.

We use GPT3.5-turbo and GPT4, the most powerful and capable models from OpenAI. The price for using these models ranges from $0.001 to $0.06 per 1,000 tokens. Through the plugin campaigns, you will be able to see the expenditure of each individual item as well as the total expenditure of a complete campaign.

In general terms, the results are better than those obtained with WP PAA Generator, by comparison, but it is also true that WP Brutal AI carries an accumulated expense that the WP PAA Generator plugin does not. GPT models are language models capable of generating texts of relative quality if evergreen themes and open-themed content are worked on (personal and social relationships, simple tutorials, recommendations, lists, advices, jobs, etc.), but it gives worse results if content is requested technical, "how to" or very irrelevant topics.

OpenAI requires giving you instructions, scripts or steps beforehand so that you can develop texts on a base. WP Brutal AI scrapes suggested searches and questions on Google to generate article headlines and architecture. In the premium version you can make a more advanced and personalized configuration of the article headers, being able to rewrite or generate them alternatively with AI.

It is very simple. We will leave you a tutorial here, and a Youtube video tutorial here. In both cases it is Cpanel, the most used control panel of all. WP PAA Generator & Brutal AI requires a PHP version 7.X.

If your hosting or server does not have ionCube activated, all you have to do is access Cpanel and select the same option in which you change the PHP version of your hosting in the "Software" option (Select PHP version, MultiPHP manager, Administrator MultiPHP or similar). In this image you can see the option that you should have activated:

In widely used hostings such as Banahosting you will see this option without any problem and you can activate it by yourself. If it does not appear, you will have to open a ticket in your hosting requesting the activation of this widely used PHP encoder.

If your campaign does not start, it is possible that WP Cron is not working. With this tutorial you will understand perfectly how to add crons in your Cpanel: Tutorial: How to configure crons in your hosting

You will see the exact crons that you must add in the "settings" section of the plugin in the domain where you have installed the license:

OpenAI specifies in its TOS that the use of GPT to generate content in bulk is not allowed, so there is a risk (although we have no record of cases at present despite having created hundreds of sites) that OpenAI cancels your API if you violate their terms and conditions.