WP PAA Generator allows you to create informational or themed content niches, using texts from other languages and using scraping and machine translations to create unique texts.
To work correctly, WP PAA Generator mixes 3 technologies:

  1. Compilation of PAA questions or long tail keyword lists.
  2. Random scraping of content related to keywords.
  3. Self-translation of texts in various language combinations.

Create automatic websites in a simple way in Wordpress: upload the titles with which you want to create your niche, configure the campaign to your liking and that's it.

Main features

Intuitive campaigns
Add the titles you want to create, add your APIs and that's it. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, in just a few minutes you will have set up your first automatic web campaign.
Multiple translations and spintax
Thanks to our free translation system, you will be able to translate through up to 4 different languages (from a list of more than 100 languages), achieving all kinds of combinations to give the final result originality. You will also be able to add an extra layer of spin thanks to the Rewriter API.
Implementation of GPT3.5
Optionally employs GPT3.5 artificial intelligence (thanks to the OpenAI API) to highlight important keywords in bold and extract keywords that can serve as categories.
Filtering and cleaning of texts
Thanks to our filters we can clean, model and restructure the content that is imported and generated so that it has an attractive format for reading.
Auto-generation of images and videos
Thanks to various APIs that are free to use, WP PAA Generator can embed images in articles generated from image databases. We can also add embedded YouTube videos automatically.
Originality of articles
Mixing the use of scraping from different sources, spintax and automatic translation of the content, you will achieve highly original content, instead of simple direct translations from a single language or website.
Limited copies

Don't run out of your WP PAA Generator license


They tried it and we asked them for their opinion

Guillermo del Pino
Guillermo del Pino
A plugin that gives you everything done, fast and that allows you to make automatic websites effortlessly that can be very profitable.
Alex Mateo
Alex Mateo
Easy to use and very effective for creating informational niches. The sites index and rank and with a subsequent manual review, high-quality projects can be created to monetize.
Fran Murillo
Fran Murillo
A very polished and worked plugin to generate original texts for niches and automatic websites that monetize, above all, with Google Adsense.
Mario Armenta
Mario Armenta
The first project of this startup with very competitive results in the subject of automatic content generation.
1 license
  • 1 license for 1 domain (you can change the domain).
  • Access to support and updates.
5 licenses
  • 5 licenses for 5 domains (you can change the domains)
  • Access to support and updates.


This plugin is used to create informational Wordpress sites (mainly) in a semi-automatic way. The operation is very simple: you upload a CSV file with a list of titles or long tail keywords (or add them in a field, one per line) and the plugin will take care of the rest. It will generate articles based on this content, scrape hundreds of sources and add images to articles, among other functions.

Highly recommended: The free extension SEO minion with which you will generate the CSV with the titles that we will use to create our themed site. You can also use paid tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to generate listings for long-tail keywords that serve as article titles.

Optional: You will need an OpenAI account to implement AI in your articles (very cheap cost) and you will need to create an account with PixabayPexels or Unsplash to be able to use their (free) APIs to add images to the generated articles. You can also use ValueSerp to make requests to Google reliably and faster if there is any kind of blockage.

Plugin requirements: PHP version: 7.x or higher, ionCube PHP Extension and WP Cron enabled.

Hostings in which it does not work properly: Hostinger, Sered.

In one place at a time. If you want to use the plugin simultaneously on multiple sites, you can purchase multiple licenses. From your BrutalPlugins account you will be able to manage your licenses and you will be able to activate it in a new domain as long as at least 48 hours have passed since the last change.

GPT3.5 through the OpenAI platform. Little by little we are going to implement new features thanks to this fantastic tool. If you want to know how to get your OpenAI API click here.

WP PAA Generator is in a constant beta phase and we will be updating and correcting bugs frequently so that the results have the highest possible quality. Depending on the theme you attack, the results may be of higher or lower quality. We are good, but we do not do magic. An automatic website that works on autopilot does not exist and we recommend optimize and curate the content that begins to ranking in order to have stable results in the long term.

This plugin is designed, above all, for the creation of informational niches with questions similar in style to those generated by Google in its "People also ask" snippet, but you can also upload a CSV with your own list of titles and WP PAA Generator will perform the same process.

It is very simple. We will leave you a tutorial here, and a Youtube video tutorial here. In both cases it is Cpanel, the most used control panel of all. WP PAA Generator & Brutal AI requires a PHP version 7.X.

If your hosting or server does not have ionCube activated, all you have to do is access Cpanel and select the same option in which you change the PHP version of your hosting in the "Software" option (Select PHP version, MultiPHP manager, Administrator MultiPHP or similar). In this image you can see the option that you should have activated:

In widely used hostings such as Banahosting you will see this option without any problem and you can activate it by yourself. If it does not appear, you will have to open a ticket in your hosting requesting the activation of this widely used PHP encoder.

If your campaign does not start, it is possible that WP Cron is not working. With this tutorial you will understand perfectly how to add crons in your Cpanel: Tutorial: How to configure crons in your hosting

You will see the exact crons that you must add in the "settings" section of the plugin in the domain where you have installed the license:

You can. If you purchase this plugin and in the next 7 days you are not satisfied with the result or you are not able to make it work, you can write to support to request a refund and we will do it with pleasure.